Collect everything
you deserve.

We’re a PT billing company that relentlessly collects every
dollar you’ve earned.
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Get paid what
you deserve.

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losses & denials.

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Receive guidance to
generate more $.

You work hard to help your patients live better lives.

But when you’re not being paid correctly, your bank account doesn’t reflect your efforts. With margins lower than ever, every claim matters. Yet:

insurance companies do what they can not to pay you, and

many billing companies only collect some of what you’re owed.

If you feel like you’re leaving money on the table – you’re right. Most physical therapists are.

You deserve billing experts that
relentlessly chase every dollar you are owed.

Do you have billing questions? Get the answers you need on a quick call.

Hi, I’m Matt.

As a physical therapist myself, I know that billing is the last thing you want to fuss with and, yet, when mismanaged, the quickest way to kill your bottom line.

It’s why I’ve spent nearly a decade building and perfecting an affordable billing company that goes after every dollar you bill.

My sincere goal is to help you earn more and stress less.

Want to know what you should look for in a billing company? Read More

Let us handle the work of getting you paid correctly.

We guarantee:

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No claim too small.

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It doesn’t make financial sense for most billing companies to go above and beyond on a claim that won’t pay off for them, so they don’t.

We think that’s bologna. You did the work, so you ought to be paid, every time.

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No call too trivial.

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Your team’s time is too valuable to waste it stuck in a merry-go-round of automated call centers.

That’s why you can reach us anytime and we guarantee a same-day response.

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No problem too complex.

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Every month, we do a deep-dive analysis on your account to measure:

  • How we’re performing
  • Key metrics of your practice

When we see an opportunity, we’ll offer practical solutions that have been known to result in revenue increases of more than 48%.

Schedule a chat to get custom pricing for your practice.

Partnering with a billing
company is a big decision.

You need to know that you can trust us.

Here are what PT owners are saying about us:

“Matt Slimming and his management group are experts in relieving the headaches of ownership.”
Nathan Shields, PT Business Coach and podcast host, Physical Therapy Owner’s Club

“You guys were my rock in this storm. It shouldn’t go unsaid that you and Amy deserve every bit of the accolades of a 5 star review. The weight of the burden that was lifted off my shoulders cannot be explained. Thanks again for all that you guys have done for me (and obviously continue to do).”
Dr. Claude Tremblay
RehabXcel Physical Therapy

They have made a tremendous difference in our claim status and payments received. Not only do they complete our authorizations and verifications in a timely manner, each and every person we communicate with is friendly and polite. I highly recommend this company for your billing needs.
Kim Clark, Clark PT

We’ve owned and managed PT clinics and PT billing for more than 25 years and know we can serve you well. To prove it, we promise no long-term contracts.
We want to earn your business every single month.

Some of Our Clients

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Don’t overpay for billing
and RCM services.

From setting up your billing system to eligibility verification, authorizations, and credentialing, we can handle all the intricacies of billing and Revenue Cycle Management—for you.

But, we don’t stop there. The data we collect along the way often uncovers opportunities in your process that can help you earn even more. It’s why we build in a quarterly call for you with our owner, Matt, so you can review and improve on a regular basis.

Here’s the best news: Our Revenue Cycle Management services alone pay for themselves.

Earn and grow more than if you were
working with any other billing company.

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PT Billing

Every valid claim gets paid.

A dedicated account manager who makes you a priority.

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Revenue Cycle

We prevent costly errors that you may not know are happening now.

Save money on front desk staff and start earning more.

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Guidance from Industry Veterans

Monthly recommendations to generate more income.

Access to PT management guidance that extends far beyond billing.

Wondering if your current billing company isn’t up to snuff?
We’d love to perform a free analysis for you.

Let’s get started.


a call.

Whether you’re ready to explore our services or just have a billing question (or ten), schedule a no-pressure chat with our founder, Matt.


We’ll handle the

Our team will take care of all the heavy lifting to ensure transition to PT Pilot Billing is seamless.


Collect your hard-earned

Sit back and watch your revenue climb! Then, enjoy monthly calls with your account manager to help it grow even more.

No obligation, no stress.
We’d just love to learn about your practice.

It’s time to stop hoping things get better by themselves.

Wave goodbye to:

Not getting paid what you’re owed

Being stressed about money

Not being able to invest in your clinic, staff, and marketing

Not getting the attention you deserve from your billing company

Losing time on problems that someone else should be handling

Say hello to:

Less stress and more smiles

More profit for your business and you to enjoy

Expert guidance for growth

All your questions answered

Peace of mind, knowing we are fighting for what you deserve.

Start the conversation today.

Not quite ready to chat with us?

We get it. Download a resource we made with you in mind instead:

What to Look for in a PT Billing Company

These 8 items will help you hire (or fire) with absolute confidence.

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